lunes, 19 de abril de 2010


Perhaps, the world you've seen once,

                                                                 never existed.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


I'm not denying that last night wanted to kiss you more than once. I'm not denying that the butterflies, responsible of my jitters, fill my stomach with strange and confusing sensations when I think of you. I'm not denying that every time I'm near your house, I imagine your entire body, your entire soul.]] I'm not denying that being at your side my heart beats with more power and stronger too. I can't deny either the fact that I want you, I want you like now one else, I want your body every second of mi life. 

                               IS your friendship better than that?

Child hood

me and my childhood


I can't sleep until you came home and kiss me good night.
   [but don't worry, I will do it anyway

                          don't wanna die because
                                      OF you.


                             I'm scare now, I was always scared]

I'm only able to listen the BLABLABLA of a silence that fills my ears with pure reason.

     I WAKE UP!

(It was the alarm clock
                   TÍC, TÍC, TÍC)

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


It's so difficult moving on when the only way out is suicide, when my friends stop being my trust, and my family stop listening to me. It's so difficult moving on being alone, so abandoned, without parents, without friends, without feelings]...
It's so difficult moving on and still being an adolescent; making the finite world believe that I'm GREAT, that my awareness is feeling WELL, that my feelings are the same, that my mind still the same [as when I was a little girl.
It's so difficult, even with this regret in my mind, leap into the void, rend my veins and watch my blood flowing over my skin, that blood which was inside me until this day...


                                  you shouldn't be here in my mind.

   So, Who are you?
Why are you here?
Did I let you in?

                                        I CAN'T REMEMBER.
                                                         when was it?

God! How did you get into my head? Seeing you hurts me. Talking to you hurts me. Thinking about you hurts me. Imagining you hurts me. Even dreaming with your face hurts me.
YOU are HURTing ME! Don't you see?

I still can't get why are you here. Are you looking for my happiness?
                                                     or my sadness?


What is obvious?
           we don't know EVERYTHING,
           we don't know ANYTHING.

That bothers you? DOESN'T IT?

Well, it should.
What are you doing? What are you waiting for? What do you want? What are you shouting?
                                                                          Even though I can't hear you.

... one two three
Is not good to be in silence, you know? It makes you be like everyone else. JUST LIKE THE OTHERS.

First day

I don`t know what i'm pretending with this, I just wanna do my best for everyone, for every girl, for every boy, for every soul who needs something that I'm able to give.